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Ep54 – Mental Supermodels on Bitcoin Maximalism, Neil Young v. Joe Rogan, and Is That a New Mental Model?

Ep54 – Mental Supermodels on Bitcoin Maximalism, Neil Young v. Joe Rogan, and Is That a New Mental Model?

Stefan is back this week, so you’re spared another week of Scott’s implacable droning.

In Episode 47, Stefan and Scott recorded a short segment on Bitcoin Maximalism. Their friends Myron and Jeremy of Mental Supermodels recently released an episode that built on those initial insights.

Today, Stefan and Scott returned the favor by adding their thoughts to Myron and Jeremy's. They define Bitcoin Maximalism then discuss its advantages and disadvantages and whether it's the best philosophy for realizing Bitcoin's promise of self-sovereignty.

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  1. Mental Supermodels Episode 17. Maximalism: response to Mentally Unscripted

  2. The Fight For Bitcoin: Water’s Warm Maximalism

  3. Mike Lindell Claims Banks Want to Cut Ties With Him Over 'Reputation Risk'

  4. The 'Make Bitcoin Legal Tender' Momentum Grows

  5. SWIFT and the Weaponization of the U.S. Dollar

  6. Up Only

Top Takeaways

  1. A 3-level framework for slotting maximalists into your information architecture is based on openness to new ideas

    1. Convictionalist: A strong, actively pursued opinion but is open to other ideas.

    2. Maximalist: A strong opinion and is unwilling to change.

    3. Toxic Maximalist: A strong opinion and actively puts down other views.

  2. Self-sovereignty is crypto’s great promise. Can we do that with only Bitcoin or do we need other blockchain technologies playing in the same sandbox?

  3. What does the game theory around Bitcoin look like? If we focus solely on Bitcoin, are we opening ourselves up to a government or other central authority exerting control over the network?

  4. Bitcoin is criticized for not innovating fast enough but it’s moving at the speed needed to meet current demands.

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