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Ep56 – First Forays into Crypto and Did We Just Discover Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? with Mental Supermodels

Ep56 – First Forays into Crypto and Did We Just Discover Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto? with Mental Supermodels

Note: We discuss investing, finance, and money in this episode. It’s simply four guys talking and no one should construe anything in this episode as investment, financial, money, legal, or any other kind of advice. By the way, Myron is not Satoshi . . . or is he?

This week, Stefan and Scott welcome back Myron and Jeremy of Mental Supermodels. This time we hash out our beginner experiences with cryptocurrencies. We cover how our thinking has evolved from our first forays into the world of digital currencies to where we stand today. This episode touches on investment philosophies, hits and misses in crypto, and mental models we use when dipping a toe in this dynamic and often times confusing world.

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And remember, the conclusion you reach is less important than the process you follow to get there.

Guest Information

  1. Mental Supermodels

  2. Myron Weber LinkedIn

  3. Jeremy Thomas LinkedIn

  4. Northwood Advisors


  1. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

  2. The Byzantine Generals Problem

  3. The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology, by William Mougayar

  4. Andreas M. Antonopoulos, The Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Expert

  5. Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrencies

  6. Russian Ministry proposes to legalize and tax Bitcoin mining

  7. Is It Possible To Have A Quantum Resistant Cryptocurrency?

  8. Mochimo – Quantum Resistant Cryptocurrency Review

  9. Pros and cons of dollar-cost averaging

  10. PlanB @100trillionUSD

  11. Mental Supermodels Ep 1: Boundaries and the 6 Stages

Top Takeaways

  1. Fear of missing out or letting your emotions drive you into a market often leads to losses. Having a model or strategy in place to sidestep emotional decisions is a must for all investors.

  2. The crypto culture is a driving force to achieving self-sovereignty. The community driven ecosystem surrounding crypto has attracted innovative people.

  3. Crypto’s value is in bringing value to the end consumer by cutting out the middleman.

  4. Because you have success at something once doesn’t mean you’re an expert.

  5. Beware of authority without credibility.

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