Mentally Unscripted
Mentally Unscripted
Ep22 - The Truth About Migration, Voting, and Inflation News

Ep22 - The Truth About Migration, Voting, and Inflation News

Paul and Scott are back with more headlines. It's a fun and informative look at a few of the big topics in the news. This time they tackle migration, the federal voting law, and take a quick whack at inflation.

In these headline episodes of Mentally Unscripted, you'll learn how to read mainstream news stories with a critical eye. You'll see how Paul and Scott identify biases and fallacies in the articles. You'll also learn to identify missing information. And you'll see how they apply mental models in evaluating the articles.

Listen to this episode and start having intelligent, productive conversations with your friends, family, neighbors, and enemies. 

Articles discussed:

Critical thinking concepts & mental models discussed:

  • First principles

  • Moral hazard

  • Reversibility

  • Hanlon’s razor

  • Fundamental attribution error

  • Cost/benefit analysis

  • Notice

  • Credibility

  • Compromise vs. winner-takes-all

Mentally Unscripted
Mentally Unscripted
Discover how to use critical thinking to tear complex issues down to their simple basics and have productive conversations with friends and family about any topic under the sun.