Jun 22, 2021 • 1HR 11M

Ep24 - A Conversation with George Silverman (MindSkills Creator).

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Discover how to use critical thinking to tear complex issues down to their simple basics and have productive conversations with friends and family about any topic under the sun.
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George Silverman is a psychologist, marketer, author, and entrepreneur. He's busy working on his newest innovation: MindSkills.

"We have repealed geography . . . Now you can be stupid in two places instead of one."

- George Silverman

George joins Paul and Scott on episode 24 of Mentally Unscripted. In this episode, our co-hosts sit speechless as George talks about his history - from inventing the telephone focus group to developing MindSkills. George explains what it is to "go meta" and how MindSkills improves upon the idea of mental models.

George brings the house in this episode of Mentally Unscripted. He imparts far more wisdom than we can put in the show notes. So download this episode and sit back. You're in store for an excellent time.

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