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Mentally Unscripted
Ep36 – Our Leaders Don’t Know How to Lead and Why That Matters

Ep36 – Our Leaders Don’t Know How to Lead and Why That Matters

In this episode of Mentally Unscripted, Paul and Scott welcome Robert and Wiz back to the show. This time, they take on the growing problem of poor leadership.

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Top Takeaways

  • Leadership and management are different. Leadership is the ability to inspire people to achieve a common goal. Management is the allocation of resources to achieve a goal. One problem with leadership is thinking management and leadership are the same.

  • Leadership requires more than technical expertise at a job. It requires trust, accountability, a definable goal, and a long-term focus for the success of the organization and its employees or members.

  • People don’t want to step up and be a leader because the risk of failure is too high. A lack of community could be at the root of this failure.   

[01:40] What is leadership?

[10:41] Leadership requires accountability. Leaders focus on the long-term while managers are more short-term focused.

[13:09] Technical expertise at a position doesn’t make someone a good leader.

[15:10] Is offering 2 career tracks the answer to the problem of technical expertise not equaling leadership skill.

[17:19] Is there a lack of leadership in the world? Is the response to COVID-19 and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal two examples?

[25:42] Is Biden’s vaccine mandate an example of good leadership?

[33:00] A lack of trust can destroy a leader.

[33:51] Are these isolated incidents or part of a larger picture of widespread leadership failures? Is the failure in leadership a result of an incentive structure that doesn’t reward leadership? How much does the lack of community contribute?

[43:27] Where is the solution to our poor leadership going to come from?

[47:29] A leader must be able to articulate a goal before people will be inspired to act.

[52:18] It’s hard to lead people who you have contempt for.

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Mentally Unscripted
Mentally Unscripted
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