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Mentally Unscripted
Ep39 – Mortal Kombat Mental Models and Taco Flavored Protein Bars with Jeremy Thomas

Ep39 – Mortal Kombat Mental Models and Taco Flavored Protein Bars with Jeremy Thomas

 How do you increase your effectiveness as a manager and a leader not only to benefit your organization but to improve your career? Jeremy Thomas, the cohost of Mental Supermodels, joins Paul and Scott to discuss the mental models that will improve your career and personal interactions.

And, yes, there really is a Mortal Kombat mental model.


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Top Takeaways 

  1. Mental models will make a big impact when you use them with intentionality. The goal in using them is to make better decisions more quickly.

  2.  Jeremy’s core mental models for managers and leaders are: 

    1. Communicate with intention, 

    2. Start with the end in mind, and

    3. Seek out value.

  3. Figuring out different ways to use the above 3 mental models in combination will have the biggest impact on your life and career. 

  4. The inverse method is a useful mental model to improve communication with others.

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Mentally Unscripted
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