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Mentally Unscripted
Ep40 – Anarchy, Chaos, and Emergent Order with Jamie Cain

Ep40 – Anarchy, Chaos, and Emergent Order with Jamie Cain


Paul and Scott welcome Jamie Cain to Mentally Unscripted episode 40. Not only does this episode feature three incredibly manly beards, but it also includes an excellent conversation about anarchism and voluntaryism. And Paul tries to get in touch with his emotions . . . but they were screening their calls.


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Top Takeaways  

  1. Most people think of anarchy as Mad Max-style chaos, but anarchy is a state where hierarchies exist without institutional violence forcing people to live under specific rules. Voluntaryism is a term to describe anarchism without negative connotations. Fear of chaos is keeping people from moving toward a voluntaryist/anarchist society.  

  2. Anarchism is a way to keep a group of people from building up into a corrupt power structure that uses violence to increase its power.  

  3. A voluntaryist/anarchist society requires a high level of personal responsibility. Force and coercion are immoral, so all human interactions should be voluntary.  

  4. Drone bombing an innocent family is not an excusable mistake. If it’s wrong for the individual, it’s wrong for the state. In a voluntary society, people are accountable for their actions.  

  5. The non-aggression principle (NAP) is the idea that we shouldn’t hurt people or take their stuff. 

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