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Ep42 – How to Stop Fearing the Decentralized Tomorrow (crossover with Mental Supermodels)

Ep42 – How to Stop Fearing the Decentralized Tomorrow (crossover with Mental Supermodels)


Myron and Jeremy from Mental Supermodels join Scott and Paul to discuss decentralization and the big questions facing us in the future. What is decentralization? Will we continue moving toward a decentralized world and what will that world look like? What are the factors holding back our move to decentralization and how we can drive mass adoption of the decentralized tomorrow?


  1. Mental Supermodels

  2. Myron Weber LinkedIn

  3. Jeremy Thomas

  4. Northwood Advisors

Mental Models

  1. Economies of Scale

  2. Safety vs. Ease of Use

  3. Regulatory Capture

Top Takeaways 

  1. Twentieth-century technologies were centralizing. Twenty-first century technology is decentralizing. 

  2. Decentralization can take many forms from geography to capital.

  3. We’re accustomed to hierarchical thinking. Decentralization breaks down barriers created by hierarchical systems and pushes control down to the lowest levels of the system. But the entities at the top of the hierarchy may be hesitant to surrender control. At the bottom, people may be fearful of having to take on the additional responsibility of decentralization.

  4. Decentralization can have profound effects on most aspects of our lives from how we work and live to how we communicate to how our morals shape our view of the world.

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