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Mentally Unscripted
Ep43 – How to Never Argue Again (Unless You Want To) and a Free Gift Announcement

Ep43 – How to Never Argue Again (Unless You Want To) and a Free Gift Announcement

Ep43 – How to Never Argue Again (Unless You Want To) and a Free Gift Announcement

Our intention at Mentally Unscripted is to bring you better tools to improve your engagement with others. It’s not an easy task in 2021, where Tribalism and media-driven polarization make having productive conversations even harder. 

That’s why we’ve put together How to Never Argue Again (Unless You Want To), a free guide to help you have better conversations that don’t end with hurt feelings and lost relationships. To get it, go to Mentally Unscripted and sign up for our email list. 


  1. How to Stop Fearing the Decentralized Tomorrow (crossover with Mental Supermodels) 

  1. How Confirmation Bias and COVID Divided the World 

  1. A Conversation with George Silverman (MindSkills Creator) 

  1. Go Meta or Go Home (George Silverman Medium article) 

  1. The Mentally Unscripted Origin Story: Why Paul lacks a soul and Scott hates the man 

Mental Models 

  1. False Consensus Effect: Our tendency to overestimate how much others share our opinions. 

Top Takeaways  

  1. Having a passion for something is good, but we can’t let it push us into having angry arguments. 

  1. Good arguments are reasoned discussions that help you share and learn new ideas. They don’t start with a conclusion then seek out facts. They seek out facts then make a judgment. 

  1. We all have blind spots (confirmation bias). By being aware of them, we can improve our discourse. 

  1. Go meta to help manage discussions and improve them. 

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How to have thrilling conversations on blistering hot topics without fighting… 

It’s easier than you think. 

Download How to Never Argue Again (Unless you Want To) at Mentally Unscripted and discover the secret “Go Meta” approach that makes any topic fair game. 

It’s totally free (for now) and worth hundreds in therapy.  


Mentally Unscripted
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