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Ep47 – What Do Silicone Arms, the Lying Media, and Bitcoin Maximalism Have in Common? (and Paul's Stunning Announcement)

Ep47 – What Do Silicone Arms, the Lying Media, and Bitcoin Maximalism Have in Common? (and Paul's Stunning Announcement)

In today's episode, we explore more exciting topics. From a story about a man with a fake arm trying to get a vaccine in Italy, we discuss what the end game for COVID-19 looks like and whether the people and organizations at the top of the world's hierarchies have a clear picture of the public health, economic, and financial landscape.

We also explore our shifting paradigms. It's no longer left vs. right or communist vs. capitalist. Instead, the events surrounding COVID-19 are waking people up to a new way of looking at the world, and those entrenched in positions of power and influence want to prevent us from changing our perspective.

Finally, we have an exciting discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin maximalism in terms of generalization versus specialization.

This episode was an exciting ride where we started with a topic and saw where it takes us. So, please sit back and enjoy it.

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And remember, the conclusion you reach is less important than the process you follow to get there.


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Mental Models

  1. Begin with the end in mind

  2. Garbage in, garbage out

  3. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail

  4. Immediate results vs remote results

  5. Transparency vs. black box

  6. Recency bias

  7. Opportunity costs/tradeoffs

  8. State of denial

  9. The best way to combat a bad idea is with a good idea

  10. Capture

    1. Audience

    2. Regulatory

  11. Unintended consequences

  12. Second-level thinking

  13. Open systems vs. Closed systems

  14. Specialization vs. Generalization

  15. High stakes decisions

  16. Open-Mindedness / Lattice Work of Mental Models lead to Innovation

  17. Tribalism - Costs of going against your tribe

  18. Fragility

  19. Marginal utility

  20. Complexity invites regulatory capture

  21. Tradeoffs

  22. Sunk Costs

  23. Skin in the game

  24. Simplify complex ideas

  25. Feynman Learning Technique

Top Takeaways

  1. Recency bias and propaganda make us believe the government can solve everything, but we must accept that it can't. We must learn to live with some things. It's not clear that our leaders have a clear end goal in mind regarding our COVID-19 response.

  2. Traditional media outlets are closed systems that only offer a narrow range of disagreement. They're seeing a danger from decentralized media and open-system media.

  3. The way governments, businesses, and individuals react to situations is changing. We're moving away from traditional left/right, capitalism/communism dichotomies to centralized/decentralized or open systems/closed systems.

  4. Generalists have more resilience than specialists. In the case of crypto, generalization is superior to specialization (maximalization) in the current world environment.

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