Sitemap - 2021 - Mentally Unscripted

Entitlement and Causality

Mental Update #3

Ep49 – Insights on the 3 Rocks: Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise, with Ben Moore

Mental Update #2

Ep48 – Is Democracy the Opiate of the Masses? with Myron Weber

What is a Logical Fallacy? Learn How to Spot Logic Errors.

Ep47 – What Do Silicone Arms, the Lying Media, and Bitcoin Maximalism Have in Common? (and Paul's Stunning Announcement)

Mental Update #1

Ep46 – Seeking Signal in the Mud Space of Privilege, Credibility, and NFTs

Ep45 – Sisyphus and How COVID Changed the Nature of Work with Sara Causey

Ep44 – Just Get the Shot Already: The Supreme Court and Vaccine Mandates with Patrick MacFarlane

Ep43 – How to Never Argue Again (Unless You Want To) and a Free Gift Announcement

Ep42 – How to Stop Fearing the Decentralized Tomorrow (crossover with Mental Supermodels)

Another Way of Looking at Confirmation Bias

Ep41 – So What? The Tyranny of Merit and Everyone Gets a Participation Trophy

Ep40 – Anarchy, Chaos, and Emergent Order with Jamie Cain

Ep39 – Mortal Kombat Mental Models and Taco Flavored Protein Bars with Jeremy Thomas

Ep38 – Opportunity Cost is Screwing Up Your Life

Ep37 - Unshackled Liberty Podcast: Communicate! with Scott Grayson

How to Never Argue Again

Coming soon

Ep36 – Our Leaders Don’t Know How to Lead and Why That Matters

Ep35 – Does Bill Gates’ Prescription for Avoiding a Climate Disaster Give Too Much Power to the Government?

Ep34 – Fake Gurus, Bruce Lee Quotes, and the End of Society as We Know It

Ep33 – Hubris and Misaligned Incentives: Mental Models in a Time of War

Ep32 – More About Mental Models With Myron Weber of the Mental Supermodels Podcast

Ep31 - Disconfirming Evidence and Falsifiability: The Two Most Powerful Mental Tools You’re Not Using

Ep30 - Brandon Wark of Free State Colorado - Why the Future Belongs to Those Who Participate

Ep29 - How Confirmation Bias and COVID Divided the World

Ep28 - Killing Procrastination with Robert

Ep27 - Joey Psypreneur Interview

Ep26 - Fluffy Sky Bunnies And The Great Reset

Ep25 - A Conversation with Wisdom and Strategy

Ep24 - A Conversation with George Silverman (MindSkills Creator).

Ep23 - Common Sense Lab Leak and the Bitcoin Badger Visits El Salvador

Ep22 - The Truth About Migration, Voting, and Inflation News

Ep21- The Truth about Vaccines, Bitcoin Volatility and The Wuhan Lab Leak Hypothesis

Ep20 - Do We Need Police?

Ep19 - Does Bitcoin Have Value?

Ep18 - Is the Fed Lying About Inflation?

Ep17 - Can Bitcoin Free Us From Government Tyranny?

Ep16 - MMT #2 - Has MMT Won the Fiscal Policy Debate?

Ep15 - The NYT Approach to Fighting Inaccurate Information is Problematic

Ep14 - Why the Smartest People Use Mental Models

Ep13 - Here’s What You Need to Know About The Deficit Myth

Ep12 - Here's What You Need To Know About Our Higher Purpose

Ep11 - The Great Reset – Grand Conspiracy or Half-Baked Idea?

Ep10 - Big Tech Censorship – Speak Your Mind (But don’t Piss Us Off)

Ep09 - Voting Technology – Worse than Chads

Ep08 - Vote or Don’t Vote – It’s Up to You

Ep07 - “Trust Science” – How To Avoid Bad Science

Ep06 - Conspiracy Theories – How to Determine the Value of a Tinfoil Hat